Gathering Data with ReleafAppTM

A recent study evaluating the efficacy of self-prescribed cannabis use and symptom relief analyzed data acquired from over 2,830 patients and 13,368 individual cannabis administration sessions. This study is the largest observational study, to date, that has analyzed the patient-reported symptom severity ratings and experienced side effects following cannabis consumption.

In terms of evaluating patient-reported symptom severity levels, the researchers found both clinically and statistically significant reductions to be achieved in each symptom category on the ReleafAppTM. The impressive symptom relief reported by these patients indicates that cannabis could, in fact, be a more effective substitute for various pharmaceutical medications that are often associated with harmful drug interactions and unwanted side effects.

When evaluating the occurrence of negative side effects to their cannabis use, a majority of ReleafAppTM users reported positive side effects, such as more relaxed, peaceful, and comfortable states, as compared to any negative side effects such as paranoia, confusion and/or headaches. In fact, ReleafAppTM users who reported positive side effects of their cannabis use were more likely to report greater symptomatic relief as well.